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Crime Protection Insurance


Unfortunately, crime is unavoidable and can leave your business vulnerable for loss. Typically, general policies contain some form of coverage for losses, but often have limitations on the types and extent of items covered.

SeibertKeck insurance agents understand the importance of protecting your company against criminal actions performed by employees or strangers. Our experts are prepared to help you identify your Criminal Protection Insurance needs and build a policy around them.

Crime Coverage Includes: 

Employee Theft 

Protection against dishonest acts of employees of the named insured only.


Protection against losses resulting from generating a document or signature that is not genuine or changing a document in a manner that is neither authorized nor intended against your business accounts.

Theft, Disappearance and Destruction

  • Section 1: Covers money and securities against loss by theft, disappearance or destruction inside the premises.
  • Section 2: Covers money and securities against loss by theft, disappearance or destruction outside the premises in the care and custody of a messenger.

Computer Fraud

Protection against theft (including money, securities and other tangible personal property) through the use of a computer to transfer covered property from inside the insured’s premises or a banking premise to a person or place outside those premises.



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